Buckeye Valley Destination Imagination is here for 2020-21

Destination Imagination

Buckeye Valley Destination Imagination is here for 2020-21.

All programs can be completed virtually this year and registration is online. 

DI is an international creative problem-solving competition for kids of all ages. We offer seven different STEAM-based (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) Team Challenges that kids solve together—without any interference from adults.


Teams involved in DI learn higher-order thinking and learn to excel in creative and critical thinking, collaborative problem solving, and project management. Students who have participated in Destination Imagination say they believe participation helped them improve their grades and do better in school, improved their self-confidence, helped them become better communicators, enhanced their respect for others, and improved their creativity and problem-solving skills. 


Long-Term Benefits of DI:  

The benefits are HUGE!  DI teaches kids how to become independent thinkers and innovative problem-solvers.  They learn the value of being part of a team, as well as the importance of commitment.  They learn to experiment, to try many different methods to accomplish their goals and become increasingly confident about their own abilities.  They learn invaluable self-motivation, time management and public speaking and presentation skills.  Academic organizations have determined DI enhances students ability to meet National Education Standards, provides Gifted and Talented (GATES) level learning, and develops skills needed to perform well on the TAKS.  As an added bonus, long-term DI participants are eligible for numerous college scholarships, and employers of major corporations routinely seek out potential employees with past DI experience on their resumes.


For more information, please follow the links below.   When you are ready, please follow the link to the google form to register.   Cost of the program is 45.00 per student.   

National DI Website: 



Ohio Region 4 Website:



Link to 2020-21 Challenge Previews



Link to Google Form for Registration Due By 10/23/20



Questions Please E-mail Mmauk@mybvls.org


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