Music Department

BV Band

Buckeye Valley Music Boosters


The Bands at Buckeye Valley are an integral part of student life. Various groups at all levels are highly visible within the district, as well as in the community. These ensembles provide a fun and challenging experience to our students. The band program begins in 5th grade at all three elementary schools, grows at the Middle School with three grade-level bands, and continues at the High School with Marching, Concert, Jazz,

Marching Band

The Marching Band is the district's most visible instrumental music group, performing during every regular season Varsity football game, in the Delaware All-Horse parade, and at various other events throughout the year. The group consists of students from all four grade levels at Buckeye Valley High School and features brass, woodwind, and percussion sections, as well as a color guard and majorettes.

Concert Band

Concert Band at Buckeye Valley meets daily to rehearse music for upcoming performances. Members represent each of the four grade levels at Buckeye Valley High School, and the group features brass, woodwind, and percussion sections. The Concert Band plays a wide variety of musical styles, and annual performances include a Holiday Concert in December,a Mid-Winter concert in March, and a Spring Concert in May.

Jazz Band

The focus of the Jazz Band is two-fold: to explore a variety of styles from jazz literature and to develop a skill set including improvising different roles of musicians within the ensemble. Since it is a select group featuring some of BVHS's best musicians, Jazz Band is only open to students in grades 10-12, and anyone who would like to participate in the ensemble must complete an audition before they haved signed up for the class. The BVHS Jazz Band is also available for performing opportunities in the community.