Who to Contact at BV

Last Updated: 10/22/2020 5:23 PM

Who to Contact

The Buckeye Valley Local Schools want your education experience to be a positive one for you and your child. There may be times when you have questions or concerns. Our goal is to address and resolve any issues as promptly and efficiently as possible. Please use the information below, as well as the building directory links, to address your questions to the appropriate person or department. In order to most efficient, we ask that you start with the person most directly involved in your issue.


Business Operations:
Responsibilities include: Facilities & Grounds Maintenance, Food Service, Transportation, and Safety

Jeremy Froehlich, Director of Operations & Safety
jfroehlich@mybvls.org, 740.369.8735

Stacy Peterson, Food Services Coordinator

Dodi, Andrews, Secretary


Student Achievement, Curriculum, and Instruction:
Responsibilities include: Creating and leading professional development related to Common Core and State Standards; selection of academic resources including textbooks and supplemental materials; facilitating district committee meetings; managing district and state-mandated assessments; facilitating the Ohio School Improvement Process; coordination of the Resident Educator Program; facilitating Race to the Top; coordination of alternative programming (i.e. MS Career Tech).

Kimberly Halley, Assistant Superintendent
khalley@mybvls.org, 740.369.8735

Mary Barr, Secretary


Pupil Personnel:
Responsibilities include: supports students ages 3 to 21 identified as disabled under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and/or Section 504 of The Rehabilitation Act of 1973; provides English Language Learner (ELL) students with service to address English language and academic needs; supervises school health clinics to support on-going and immediate health/medical needs of students and staff and conducts screenings, consultation and prevention classes to support student wellness, gifted education.

Karen Kehoe, Director of Pupil Personnel
KKehoe@mybvls.org, 740.363.6626

Jennifer McCreary, Gifted Services 

Peggy Linstedt, Secretary


Responsibilities include: Technical support and maintenance to ensure the successful operation of computer-based equipment including: Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Projectors, Document Cameras, Copiers/Printers, IP Phones, etc. In addition, the Technology Department maintains and supports a variety of services and servers including: District Email, District Website, Transportation server , Food Services server, Student Information, Print Services, Fiscal Services, Backups and Data Recovery server. Networking Equipment, Access Points & Controllers, and Security Cameras are also maintained and supported by the Technology Department. Support for teachers use of technology in the classroom; the training of staff on our various technologies within the district, and the infusion of technology in the classroom are all services of the Technology Department.

Cassie Holewinski, Director of Technology
CHolewinski@mybvls.org, 740.363.1349

Brook Steed, District Technician

Jeremy Vaught, District Technician

Beth Kantner, EMIS Coordinator


Responsibilities include: financial planning, oversight & reporting; Accounts Payable; Payroll & Benefits.

Kelly Ziegler, Treasurer

Angela Clase, Assistant to the Treasurer, Accounts Payable

Jordon Lowther, Assistant to the Treasurer, Payroll


Responsibilities include: vision, continuous improvement, and focus of district work; communication and collaboration; policies and governance; instruction and resources.

Central Office

Andrew Miller, Superintendent
AMiller@mybvls.org, 740.369.8735

Mary Barr, Secretary

Buckeye Valley East Elementary School:
Katie Karacson, Principal
KKaracson@mybvls.org, 740.747.2266

Kim Hamilton, Secretary

Barb Henry, Attendance Secretary

Buckeye Valley West Elementary School
Brian Orrenmaa, Principal
borrenmaa@mybvls.org, 740.666.2731

Charlene Nauman, Secretary

Kim Carrizales, Attendance Secretary

Buckeye Valley Middle School:
Matt Gallatin, Principal
mattgallatin@mybvls.org, 740.363.6626

Sean Smith, Dean of Students
ssmith@mybvls.org, 740.363.6626

Eileen Sheppard, School Counselor

Jenny Hallett, Secretary

Peggy Linstedt, Attendance Secretary

Buckeye Valley High School:
Brian Baker, Principal
bbaker@mybvls.org, 740.363.1349

Travis Rupp, Assistant Principal
TRupp@mybvls.org, 740.363.1349

Michael Yinger, Athletic Director
MYinger@mybvls.org, 740.363.1349

Eileen Sheppard, School Counselor - Students A-K, OST testing, 

Jessica Combs, School Counselor, Students L-Z, ACT/AP/SAT testing, CCP

Marjorie Harrell, Secretary

Elin Parker, Attendance

Amy Phillips, Guidance/Athletics Secretary

Buckeye Valley Dedicated Online Option (DOO):

Steven Holliday, BVDOO Administrator & Social Emotional Well-Being Coach
sholliday@mybvls.org, 740.369.8735