What Is Schoology?

Schoology (pronounced school-ogy) is an online tool that manages curriculum, assessments, grading and other classroom management tasks and is also a communication platform for educators and students in K-12.

Teachers use Schoology to post their classroom materials online; provide a safe forum for students to discuss their ideas and collaborate on projects; and to assign and collect homework electronically.  It helps students say organized and it keeps the class connected. This tool will be an integral part of how teachers design and implement their lesson plans, and assignments.

A Schoology Parent Account

Parents may have an account that can be linked with their children's accounts. When parents log in, they will see a Facebook-like interface that links them to the District Schoology page as well as the school pages where their children attend and each child's classroom.

A Schoology Parent Account gives you access to:

  • The classes your child is enrolled in
  • Your child's upcoming assignments
  • School and class announcements

Schoology makes it easy for parents to say involved in their children's education.

Schoology Mobile App

Schoology also has a convenient mobile app that can be downloaded and used on mobile phones, tablets, and iPads! This app can be found in the Google Play and iTunes stores.

Parent Tools

Parent Getting Started Guide & Sign Up

How to Login & Create a Parent Account 

Navigating the Home Page

How to Add Additional Students to Your Account

How to Set Up Your Schoology Account Notifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do parents have to set up their own accounts?
A: Yes, parents/guardians need to register for their own accounts in Schoology. When parents register to create their own accounts in Schoology, part of the registration process is to enter in your child’s access code. This access code is listed in the Schoology Parent Letter sent home with your student.  (Contact your student's building if you need this access code) 
Q: Do I need to set up an account for my child?
A: No. All active Buckeye Valley Local Schools students automatically have a Schoology account. They can log in at using their school provided Google account ( and password.
Q: I don’t understand what my child’s access code is for?
A: Schoology creates a unique access code for each student account. The purpose of this access code is to allow parents to link their personal Schoology account with that of their child(ren).
Q: How do I get my child’s access code?
A: Parent letters with your child’s access code are sent home from each school or can be emailed upon request.  If you did not receive a letter or have lost the code, you can request it from the school office.
Q: Why do I need my child’s access code to set up my parent Schoology account?
A: When parents register to create their own accounts in Schoology, part of the registration process is to enter in your child’s access code. Schoology uses this access code to associate your parent account with Marysville Schoology portal and to link your new parent account with your child.
Q: When going through the registration process, do I enter in my child’s name in the box?
A: No, when registering for your parent Schoology account, you enter in your information in the box, not your child’s. Your child already has a Schoology account. Schoology will use the access you’ve entered in to associate your new parent account with Buckeye Valley's Schoology portal and to link your new parent account with your child.
Q: How do I register for a parent account?
A: Use the following steps to register for your parent account:

In your browser, navigate to
In the top right corner of the screen, click the Sign Up button.
Select Parent from the options
Enter the Access Code for your child that was sent home from their school.
Fill out the information for your new Schoology account (your email address and the password you want to use for your Schoology account) and click Register.

Q: Do I create a parent account for each of my children?
A: No, if you have multiple children, you create a single parent account with 1 child’s code. After you have created your account, you can link the rest of your children to your account within Schoology by clicking on the arrow in the top left corner by your name and selecting +Add Child. Enter in another child’s code in the box, click “USE CODE” and they will now be linked to your account. You can link each child in your family to your account in this manner.
Q: How do I log in once I have created my Schoology parent account?
A: Parents will log into Schoology by visiting 
Q: What do I do if I forget my parent password to Schoology?
A: Go to and click the Login button,  Select the 'Forget your password?' link.  Complete the form and a password reset link will be sent to your personal email account.