Principal's Message

Barry Lyons
Principal - West Elementary




Hello BVW!

Buckeye Valley West is Respectful, Responsible, and Safe!  But Hoe you may ask.  To give further direction to our motto, we have adopted the following:  WE are WEst, and WE ROCK!!

We are becoming ROCKSTARs at West Elementary.  

R- Respect- I treat others the way I want to be treated!  I care about their


O- Ownership- I decide how I will act and what I will do.  I will make good 

      choices and own those choices.

C- Cooperation- I will work with partners and groups.  I include everyone and

      respect their ideas.

K- Kindness-  I treat others kindly and speak nicely to them.  I help others

     whenever I can.


S-Safety-  I act safely in the halls, in class, and at recess.

T-Turning In - I manage my time and I keep track of my assignments and turn

     them in on time.

A-Attention- I pay attention in class.  My eyes are on the speaker.  I am

     listening and thinking about the lesson.

R-Responsibility -  I am responsible for being on time and prepared with assignments and supplies.

We aim to be ROCKSTARs every day!  This is the students part of the Triangle of success posted towards the bottom of this page.


YOU, the family and friends of BVW, and the support you show on a daily basis are the reason why we as educators do what we do.  YOU and the students are the reason we are thankful and appreciative of our work with BVW!

We have asked for the usual academic support, and you continue to give that support.  Our students’ success relies on this support (Triangular Education: Students, Parents, School!-  See below) We have asked for your financial support in addition in the form of fundraisers and other ways also.  And you continue to give that support, and we continue to be appreciative!  Some ways this has happened include:


-Jump Rope for Heart

-Pennies for Patients

-Fundraisers, including many Dine to Donate Events

-Box Tops and Coke Caps Fundraiser.  

PTO continues to organize the fundraising efforts, and we appreciate their work and support.  We, at BVW, thank them and YOU!  We would fall short without this support!  Thank You!  Thank You!!  Thank You!!!

The overriding theme here is SUPPORT and THANKFULNESS! That is BVW!!    WE are WEst!




The following procedures are in place at BVW in order to ensure the safety of our students.  Your cooperation is appreciated!

~All preschool students will use the North Parking Lot.

~All K-4th Graders will use the ally on the South side of the school according to the following:

1. All vehicles will travel North on 4th  Street and turn right into the alley on the South side of the school.

2.  Drop off in the morning will be right at the gymnasium. Please do not unload kids until instructed to do so. Each morning a staff member will be there to direct the unloading. Because of the way traffic is running, please discuss safety with your children. Once your child has safely crossed, the staff will dismiss your car to leave. Please do NOT attempt to leave until a staff member has given you permission. Please note, turning from the alley and onto 3rd Street after drop off will only be to the RIGHT as to not interfere with bus unloading.

3.  Pick up at the end of the day will run the same way, except I ask that you make a sign for your visor that has your child’s First and last name on it. Please make it big enough for staff to see from a distance.  The outside staff member will call to the gym for your child(ren) when they see your name.  The child(ren) will leave the gym by the South door and join you in the car. Again, when the staff member dismisses you, you may turn RIGHT ONLY onto 3rd Street. When busses are done loading kids, we will halt car riders from leaving until all busses have left the school. We will then dismiss cars.

4.  Please know that the crosswalk at the end of the alley is used as a crosswalk. Please use caution.

5.  Please remember this procedure is for safety purposes, and while it may or even will cause some delays in schedules, saving an injury or worse to a child is well worth the couple of minutes for which we are asking.


THANK YOU ahead of time for understanding and for your cooperation.




WE are WEst!


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