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James Albanese

Jim Albanese







Dear BVHS Students and Parents,

BVHS serves approximately 780 students and has a mission to achieve excellence through growth and learning for each student's success.  Buckeye Valley High School is a great environment for student's from diverse backgrounds to achieve academic success, get involved in many extracurricular activities and clubs, be a part of our two years in a row State Champion Student Section "The 901" and have a successful high school experience that leads to a promising career.   Our staff at Buckeye Valley provides a rigorous academic curriculum that requires our students to challenge themselves, think critically and collaborate with each other.  We are very fortunate to have outstanding student's and a staff that strives each day to grow professionally.  We are excited to be ranked by US News and World Reports in the top 10% of High Schools in the State and ranked in the top 6% Nationally. 

I would like to encourage you to communicate regularly with the BVHS staff and get involved in the school program. School and home working as a team is vital for successful student achievement. Opportunities for parent involvement can come via participation in the Booster Organizations, attendance at school sponsored events such as Open House, Parent/Teacher Conferences, concerts, plays or sporting events.

BVHS is excited about looking into new and challenging options for our student's to learn.  We have added Blended learning options and are looking into more College Career Plus options for our student's to gain college credits.  We have formed a Student Achievement Committee that has worked to revamp our Strategic Plan which focuses on 4 basic areas:  Student Achievement, Finance, Facilities, and Communication. We have placed a strong focus on improving in each of these four areas. 

Our student's are the future of our community and we appreciate the support that our entire staff and student body receive from the parents, community members, and businessess through out our county.  please feel free to contact me at BVHS with suggestions, concerns, or questions.


Jim Albanese, Principal



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