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BV Baron
Phone:  (740) 363-4340
Fax: (740) 417-9459
Samantha Kigar, Counselor for all students with last names beginning A-K;
Jessica Combs, Counselor for all students with last names beginning L-Z;
SUMMER SCHOOL: Click on the link here: BV SUMMER SCHOOL 2019 *Make sure you read the packet carefully. Summer School is NOT permitted for course advancement (NEW CREDIT) except in a few situations. 

CCP: If you are interested in taking college coursework while still attending BVHS, please click and download this information packet. 2019-20 CCP INFO. Intent to Participate forms are due April 1st!

Seniors have been instructed to request all transcripts electronically. For a downloadable version of the Naviance instruction sheet, click here: NAVIANCE 

COLLEGE 101: "Soon to be" Seniors, Click for the PowerPoint 

FAFSA (FREE Application for Federal Student Aid): Many universities require incoming freshmen to complete a FAFSA report to determine how much financial aid they can offer. We encourage all students to complete the FAFSA, regardless of if you think you will qualify for financial assistance. A helpful link is: 



Free money for college (scholarships) come in three categories. National, Specific to the College, and Local. 

National: Sometimes referred to as "Lottery" scholarships, they are hard to obtain because the applicant pool is so large. However, there may be very specific scholarships (for students with diabetes, as an example) that narrow down the applicant pool. Two good websites are and Keep in mind, you should NEVER have to pay for a scholarship search service!

Specific to the College: Most colleges and universities will entice high school seniors to apply for scholarships that may only be used if the student decides on that specific college. Frequently check the universities' admission and financial aid webpages for links or information on how to apply for these scholarships

Local: All local scholarship information can be accessed through the Naviance Accounts for Juniors and Seniors only.  You will need to log in, go to the ‘colleges’ tab at the top, and then scroll down to "Scholarships and Money" and click on "Scholarship List" to find our local scholarship list. (Information gets sent to us at various times throughout the spring, so PLEASE CHECK YOUR NAVIANCE PAGE FREQUENTLY) 


IMPORTANT: All Buckeye Valley Juniors will be taking a free ACT on March 12, 2019. Go to your Naviance account for test prep!

Sample ACT test resources are also available for examinees. Here are the links to the three sample test documents (when prompted, enter passcode ODE 2017):

Buckeye Valley is pleased to partner with several area test prep tutors as well as College and Career Consultants. We do not endorse any in particular, but provide the names as a service to our families. Please click here for our list: ACT/SAT Prep and College/Career Consultants



Delaware Area Career Center (DACC) ALL SOPHOMORES were invited to attend a field trip on Tuesday, November 20th. For more information about upcoming events please go to  



Click here  *This is an external link to one of our educational partners; At The Core. The list is very comprehensive!


STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT & ASSESSMENT (Information/practice tests for the new Ohio assessments) 

CAREER AND COLLEGE INFORMATION (current 12th graders): 

20 Questions to ask your school counselor about college planning

SELECTIVE SERVICE REMINDER All 18 year-old men must register with the Selective Service. It’s the law. Register on-line at


College Athletics Click on "NCAA" for a .pdf on how to register for NCAA


Students must earn a cumulative number of 18 points, using seven end-of-course state tests. To ensure students are well rounded, they must earn a minimum of four points in math, four points in English and six points across the science and social studies disciplines. Buckeye Valley will begin testing students who are taking these classes for the first time in April every year.

Option 1: State Tests

The seven end-of-course exams are:

• Algebra I and Geometry (4 pts combined are required)

• English 9 and English 10 (4 pts combined are required)

• American History and American Government

• Biology


Option 2: Industry Credential and Workforce Readiness

Students earn 12 points through a State Board of Education-approved, industry-recognized credential or group of credentials in a single career field and achieve a workforce readiness score on the WorkKeys assessment. The state of Ohio will pay one time for those who take the WorkKeys assessment.

Option 3: College Admission Test

Students earn “remediation-free” scores in English language arts and mathematics on a nationally recognized college admission exam. The state of Ohio will pay one time for all 11th grade students in the classes of 2018 and beyond to take the exam free of charge.

Scores that will qualify a student for graduation through this pathway are as follows: 



















If you have any questions about where your child stands currently, in terms of points or pathways to graduation, please contact your child’s school counselor.




SUMMER SCHOOL: Click on the link here: BV SUMMER SCHOOL 2019 *Make sure you read the packet carefully. Summer School is NOT permitted for course advancement (NEW CREDIT) except in a few situations. 


Stay Safe. Speak Up.

bullying hotline

To Parents,

Buckeye Valley Local Schools is fully committed to curbing student bullying and school violence, and providing a positive learning environment for all students that enhances personal safety and promotes respect, dignity, and equality among students.  We believe our schools play an important role in helping faculty, staff and parents prepare students to be respectful and responsible citizens.  As part of our commitment, the district is initiating a new, integrated program, developed by former school officials, that provides: 

  • Online and telephone reporting tools for students, parents and staff. 
  • Student training regarding the need to speak up about safety and bullying issues. 
  • Staff training in recognizing and responding to incidents of bullying and violence.
  • Administrative systems to manage incidents and document district and school response to reported concerns of bullying or violence.

Buckeye Valley Local Schools will make every effort to handle and respond to every charge and complaint filed by students, parents and employees in a fair, thorough, and just manner.  Also, every effort will be made to protect the due process rights of all victims and all alleged perpetrators.

New Student/Parent Hotline!
Students who believe they have been harassed, bullied, victimized by fellow students, or have other concerns which may jeopardize the safety of students, employees or school facilities, are asked to Speak Up! and promptly report the issue using our district’s new student/parent Hotline – accessible both online and by telephone. 

Options to report an issue:

1.  Call 1-866-listen2me (1-866-547-8362) and talk with a live attendant.  When the student talks with the live attendant, he/she has the option of being forwarded to one of the following national hotlines:

  • 911 (Urgent response) 
  • National AIDS Hotline (AIDS / HIV) 
  • National Runaway Switchboard (Homeless - Runaway)
  • NINELINE Hotline (Relationship issues - peer/parent; alcohol/drug abuse)
  • RAINN (Sexual assault; domestic violence; physical abuse)
  • Suicide Crisis Center (Suicide)

2.  Call 1-866-listen2me (1-866-547-8362) and leave a voice message.  

3.  Click on:

speak up

Buckeye Valley Local Schools has contracted with a company called PublicSchoolWORKS to provide this service and to ensure you remain anonymous.  If you use the telephone reporting system, the person you will be talking with is not affiliated with our district.  The attendant will listen to your issue, complete a written report, and then, if you'd like, transfer you to a specialist or other support person. 

After you finish your call or make your report online, the district will receive a confidential report from PublicSchoolWORKS.  Your issue will then be investigated by our district.

To ensure your information is sufficient, please give names, times and event details which you feel we should know.  Please try to provide as much information about the situation as possible. 
Remember, this service is for the safety of everyone.