Welcome to the Buckeye Valley
School Age Child Care (S.A.C.C.) Services Department


Our District's Mission: To achieve excellence through growth and learning for each student’s success.

Our Program’s Vision: To achieve an environment complementing, rather than replicating traditional school for a continuum supporting growth and learning.

It is our privilege to work with you and your children!

     The School Aged Child Care (S.A.C.C.)Program povides child care services before and/or after school time, and during many of the days off school such as spring and summer break for children in Kindergarten – 4th grades.  The SACC program is based at East and West Elementary Schools. *Please email or call for more information regarding SACC, including hours of operation, fees, etc.



Our Staff Contact Information


District Program Administrator:

Beth Kantner; Email:

District Director of SACC Services


Multi-Site SACC Manager East & West Elementary Schools:

Michaela Upchurch;  Email:

East SACC Site Phone 740-747-3908

West SACC Site Phone 740-666-2604